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For some people, dealing with debt is a challenge that they have come across before and were able to get through successfully. For a few who have grown accustomed to having debt, the familiarity has allowed them to put together effective debt management systems as a result.

However, for the greater majority adversely affected by debt and even those who believe that they have no other choice other than declaring bankruptcy in Ontario, Paddon + Yorke, Inc. – a leading Ontario debt assistance company – is here to help.

Practical & Professional Ontario Debt Assistance

If you require the kind of financial help Ontario businesses and individuals could use to get themselves out of the financial woes that they are in, turn to Paddon + Yorke, Inc. Our proficiency in the workings of personal and organizational finance is what we bring to the table. We have helped countless individuals and we believe that we can help a lot more.

  • Sometimes, all it takes is a simple, hassle-free, no obligation consultation – expert advice that can help you clear your mind and see what you need to do in order to remedy the situation. By the way, did we mention that an initial consultation will cost you nothing?
  • To those who perceive their financial issues as all but hopeless, we boldly say that we welcome a good challenge. Our experience has taught us there is always a way out of financial trouble, especially if you know that the best solution for you is declaring bankruptcy in Ontario.
  • We invite you to give us a call and take that leap of faith. Our seasoned financial specialists are ready and waiting to help you get out of the predicament you are in. Paddon + Yorke, Inc. has the capability to provide effective debt solutions that suit specific situations.

Get the kind of financial help Ontario clients are happy to recommend to others. Book a free initial consultation today!


Have questions about your financial situation? Our resources section is full of information to help you get answers to your financial and debt concerns. Take a look at our useful links, glossary of terms and tips on how to get on with your life.

To find the latest information on financial issues be sure to read our Dealing with Debt Blog. You’ll also find articles on debt management, dealing with creditors and how changes to the Bankruptcy Act may affect you.

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