Here are two main privacy concerns you may experience, while using this site:

  1. the use of the site itself by Paddon+Yorke, and
  2. the process of filing for personal bankruptcy.

“We”, “us” or “our” in this statement means Paddon+Yorke Inc.

“You” in this statement means you as an individual, rather than any legal entity (such as your employer) which you may represent.

Paddon+Yorke’s Web site

  1. What information is collected?
  2. How will personal data be used?
  3. How is information secured?
  4. Are cookies used on the Paddon+Yorke Web site?
  5. Are user data disclosed to third parties?
  6. How long is information retained?

1. What information is collected?

We monitor the use of the site in general detail, i.e., traffic volumes, search engine reports, etc. Specifics of individual use/activity are not recorded. We will collect, hold, process, use, communicate and/or disclose such data only and always in accordance with this statement.

2. How will personal information be used?

If you decide to enrol in our “Guest” collaboration site, we will hold your personal data in confidence within a secure information sharing environment.

3. How is information secured?

For our collaboration site, Paddon+Yorke uses generally accepted industry standard security features and software. The “Personal” area of our Web site, however, is a more open part of the Internet. Information may travel between networks where no security measures have been used.

We recommend that you consider enrolling in the “Members” section and use it to exchange sensitive information. Generally, it is wise to avoid exchanging strictly private and confidential documents via unprotected email.

4. Are cookies used on the Paddon+Yorke site?

We do NOT employ cookies nor any form of user activity tracking technique while managing and maintaining the relevance of our Web site.

5. Are user data disclosed to third parties?

Except as prescribed by law, NO DATA IS SHARED with any third party.

6. How long is information retained?

We will keep information for as long as necessary to discharge our legal responsibilities and to fulfill other purposes described here. Generally, our files are purged after 5 years; yet, we will exercise discretion to preserve our rights.

Concerns about filing for personal bankruptcy

Paddon+Yorke respects your privacy. However, assignment in bankruptcy is, by its nature, a public process. Certain personal financial information becomes a matter of public record.

The good news

In certain circumstances, you may be in a position to file an “informal” consumer proposal. This means that an assessment is made of your indebtedness in relation to your income and assets. A repayment schedule is established with each of your creditors and these matters remain private.

As a bankrupt under the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act, you are granted some protections from your creditors. Once assigned, financial institutions and other organizations may no longer contact you for payment.*

We handle the valuation and disposal of your assets, according to the law. We deal with your creditors and manage aspects of your personal finances until you are “discharged” by the courts.

During this time, usually about a year, you are free from contact with organizations to whom you are indebted. No collection agencies, no harassing phone calls.

*However, your responsibility continues for alimony payments, child support and other family-related obligations. Any debts/fines incurred as a result of fraudulent activity remain due, etc. (For more details, see the Paddon+Yorke Blue Booklet.)