New Office Open in Waterdown, Ontario for Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals

John Delo - Trustee and Sonya Strand - BA, CIRP

Paddon + Yorke Inc. is committed to providing residents with solutions to their financial problems by delivering quality service and professional and practical advice, doing so with your best interests in mind.  That’s because care and compassion are the building blocks of the business, which now boasts an office in Waterdown.  

“At Paddon + Yorke Inc., we care about people – a lot,” said President John Delo. “It’s our mantra.”

As professional insolvency practitioners, Delo and his colleagues know just how stressful  and lonely it can be to be in debt. Debt can be a huge struggle for many, and its effects, as we know, can have devastating impacts.

Equally devastating is choosing the wrong method to manage your debt.  You may have been recently bombarded with TV and radio advertisements or telemarketers proposing to provide you with a quick fix to your mounting debt problems. Although debt consolidation and debt settlement are options to reduce your debt, some people wind up deeper in debt than when they started the consolidation or settlement process.

Paddon + Yorke understands that financial difficulties can strike anyone at any time.  Whether your debts arise from a small business venture, high income tax debt, marital breakup or just too much consumer credit, you can benefit from the professional advice and support of a team that understands your situation.

With a nearly 23 per cent decrease in the number of personal bankruptcies since 2011, know that bankruptcy isn’t your only option to service an unmanageable debt load.

Paddon + Yorke offers a variety of solutions to help you unburden yourself and get on with your life.

Federally licensed trustees in bankruptcy and consumer proposal administrators, the professional staff at Paddon + Yorke will explain every alternative available and work with you to develop the best course of action.

With a new office located at 50 Dundas Street East near Clappison’s Corners, the team at Paddon + Yorke looks forward to helping lift a heavy weight off the shoulders of Flamborough residents.

Waterdown may be a growing and thriving community but that doesn’t mean residents are immune to financial difficulties. Paddon + Yorke is here to help.

Since 1991, Paddon + Yorke has provided a full range  of insolvency services and has assisted thousands of people in dealing with their debt.

Both Delo and Senior Manager Sonya Strand understand the pain, shame, stress and embarrassment that is often associated with the burden of financial difficulties. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, know that both will approach your situation with compassion and respect. Their knowledge, together with their experience and commitment, mean that you can depend on them to help you get on with your life.

For more on its services or to book a free initial consultation, visit the Paddon + Yorke site at or call 905-690-9999.

New Office at Waterdown, Ontario – Business Profile