Deal with debt in Midland, Ontario with a Consumer Proposal at Paddon + Yorke Inc.

If you are living in Midland or area and need some solutions for dealing with your debt then book an appointment with our trustees Russell Cosby or Clyde Yorke at Paddon + Yorke Inc.  A no fee initial consultation can also be set up with Jacquie Cordeiro or Tom Snider.  Call us at (705)528-6988 to book an appointment in our Midland office to go through your debt options. Find out how you can avoid bankruptcy by filing a consumer proposal to your creditors orfile for bankruptcy andget a financial fresh start!

We provide debt solutions in Midland and area for credit card debt, stopping persistent collection agencies, overdue income tax and HST business tax, lower family income and financial stress due to loss of employment or loved one, stopping wage garnishments, separation and divorce related financial problems, many other unpaid invoices and bills,  judgments, law suits, foreclosures, repossessions, student loan debt and debt restructuring!

If you are experiencing financial difficulty in Midland and area and are having problems paying off your debt due to:

  • Business failure
  • Financial Mismanagement
  • Health-related problems
  • Marital breakdown/personal problems
  • Over-extension of credit
  • Unemployment or adverse employment change
  • Or any other reason

then please contact the staff at our Midland office.  We can help you make a settlement with your creditors through a formal consumer proposal to obtain a monthly manageable payment or declare bankruptcy to get a fresh financial start.  Fill out a free initial consultation online here.

Contact the staff at our Midland office here.

We also have offices near Midland in Barrie and Orangeville, Ontario to help you deal with your debt.