Time for A Debt Settlement in Ontario?

Are you able to recognize the warning signs of financial trouble?

  1. Are your credit cards at their limit?
  2. Can’t make the minimum payments?
  3. Are you using one credit card to pay off the other?
  4. Are you receiving past-due notices on household bills?
  5. Are you behind on your rent or mortgage payments?
  6. Do you rely on automatic draft protection to cover your chequing account?
  7. Have you consolidated your debts but are still finding it difficult to maintain the monthly payments?
  8. Do you borrow from family and friends to make it from one payday to the next?
  9. Do you use “pay day loan” services frequently?
  10. Are you receiving frequent calls or letters from creditors or collection agencies?
  11. Do you avoid opening your bills?
  12. Is your spending out of control and don’t know how to manage?
  13. Do you have a garnishee against your wages?
  14. Have creditors threatened legal action or are currently being sued?
  15. Have you recently been laid off of work or lost your job and have no idea how you will manage?

If any of the above applies to you, you may need the advice of a Paddon + Yorke professional.

You have already made a step in the right direction simply by taking this financial health check-up and recognizing the signs of financial difficulty.

At Paddon + Yorke, we know that financial disaster can strike at anytime. Whether you have experienced a recent job loss, marital separation, divorce, health related emergency or unforeseen circumstance, we’re here to help! We also understand that dealing with debt can be painful and embarrassing. With a free consultation with one of our professionals, we can ease your fear and concerns. Now is the time to consider all the options available.

Find Reliable Debt Help in Ontario

We offer the kind of debt help Ontario residents need when it seems like there’s nowhere else to go. In today’s economy, debt relief in Ontario can make a huge difference in the lives of a lot of people. We know what you are going through as we have helped many to find their way out of debt.

At Paddon + Yorke, we will look closely at your situation and steer you toward the best solution for your financial problems. There is more than one alternative to filing an assignment in bankruptcy. We offer advice based on years of experience with options like credit counseling and debt settlement Ontario clients can rely on to help them reduce their debts.

Paddon + Yorke provide expert solutions for debt relief Ontario can depend upon. Our promise is that we will work with you to create the most successful plan to deal with your situation. After your free consultation, if you decide to take the course we recommend, we will proceed with the appropriate steps. We can assist in negotiating with creditors, file your papers with the courts to stop legal actions or garnishments, and make sure you get the maximum debt relief possible.

Debt Settlement in Ontario – Get a Fresh Start

Isn’t it time to take action and take steps to free yourself from the burden of debt? The longer you wait the worse it can get. Why waste any more time stressing over your financial situation? There are remedies available. Once you go through the process, you can get a fresh start and live the life you should be living.

We encourage you to explore the options page and call us today for your free consultation.

  • I anticipated that meeting with you would be one of the most difficult meetings I would ever have to attend. Thank you for your kindness and understanding and for not making me feel any worse than I already did. My life was a mess and you made me feel better. — Nancy