How to get more information on bankruptcy and consumer proposals?

If you would like some more information on how to handle your debt then read the following booklet published by Industry Canada called Dealing with Debt – A Consumer’s Guide.  The information is meant for individuals only and does not apply to corporations.  Here is a section on how to recognize the danger signals…

“You have a debt problem, or are going to have one, if:

  • you continually go over your spending limit or you use your credit cards as a necessity rather than a convenience;
  • you are always borrowing money to make it from one payday to the next;
  • your wages have been garnisheed to pay for outstanding debts;
  • you pay only interest or service charges monthly and do not reduce your total debt over many months;
  • creditors pressure you for payment, threaten to sue or repossess your car, furniture or television, or hire a collection agency to recover the money for them; or
  • utility companies cut off service because your bills have gone unpaid.”

If any of these danger signals apply to your personal situation and you would like some help in dealing with your debt then contact an office near you or click here to Book a Free Consultation.  You may qualify for the filing of a Consumer Proposal or Personal Bankruptcy.

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