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How Debt Consolidation in Ontario Can Relieve Your Financial Burdens

With the widespread use of credit cards and access to easy loans in our society, debts can easily accumulate. By the time you realize you’ve been living way beyond your means, it may already be too late. Your debts may have become so unmanageable that you need professional help to clear up your many loans. […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Bankruptcy in Ontario

Falling into debt is inevitable, and is even considered by many people in North America as natural. Many people are neck-deep in debt due to unemployment, medical bills, and overspending. There are debt consolidation companies, like Paddon + Yorke Inc., which provide financial solutions and consultation services. Below are some of the questions that may […]

Dealing with Debt by Declaring Bankruptcy in Ontario

Debts are like bullets; dodging them gives you the opportunity to continue living and even start anew. But when debts accumulate and are fired at you through a machine gun at 600 rounds per minute, there’s nothing left to do but pray you get out of the predicament alive or hope that each bullet gets […]

Do-It-Yourself Ontario Debt Assistance: You Control Your Debt

Credit cards work on a “buy now, pay later” basis. Buy anything you want today and worry about how you’ll pay for it once the bill arrives. This grand yet simple idea has remarkably enticed buyers into biting off more than they can chew. And it has given rise to one of the most rampant […]

Get Financial Help Ontario Residents Rely On from Bankruptcy Trustees

Financial crisis could happen to anyone at anytime; it has been reported that in the first nine months of 2010, 37,462 Ontario residents filed for bankruptcy. People are filing bankruptcy in Ontario for a variety of reasons. Among them are divorce (lawyer’s fees can take a toll on one’s finances), sudden unemployment, and bad business […]

Tips on Debt Help Ontario Residents May Need

The word ‘debt’ has reverberated menacingly since the start of the global financial crisis. Nations, and their financial capitals, were hit hard by the sudden fall of markets and the collapse of financial institutions. The hardest hit were the people; the ordinary, everyday wage-earners who looked to these financial institutions for help and assistance. With […]