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Formal Debt Settlements through a Bankruptcy Trustee in Ontario

Usually a debtor seeks out a licensed Administrator when they have exhausted all other avenues of dealing with their debt load. If you have tried at your local bank to consolidate your debt into one loan and have been denied. If you have attempted to approach your friends or family to obtain a short term […]

How do I stop a wage garnishee in Ontario?

Wages can be garnisheed when a creditor has successfully filed a claim against you in the Superior Court of Justice and obtained Judgment against you. There are certain creditors such as Canada Revenue Agency that have the power to garnishee income by legislation.

How to deal with collection agencies

What is a Collection Agency? A collection agency is a business that pursues payment of debts owed by individuals or businesses. Collection agencies are often paid a commission to collect a debt on behalf of a creditor. It is not unusual for a collection agency to purchase an outstanding account from a creditor and then […]

How do I get a free copy of my credit report in Ontario?

Credit bureaus sell information, but by law you are entitled to obtain your own credit report for free. There are two main Credit Bureaus in Canada. They are as follows: